We’re a veteran-owned small business based in the greater Philadelphia region. We’re organically funded. Our product is our people, and they get stuff done.

At Latitude, we hire only the best and when we do, we invest heavily and continuously into our people. They are our differentiator. The cybersecurity industry is saturated with technology, with platforms, with software. It is painfully short on lasting process and critically low on experienced people.
…that’s probably why you’re here.

Our ability to provide knowledgeable people to your organization’s needs at a competitive rate has been our map to success. We provide solutions based on a jig, not a mold. We apply solutions that are specific to you, and that provide actionable, lasting results.

Time and time again, our deliverables have been lauded by Fortune 100 firms, start-ups that are in the midst of funding cycles, venture capital firms, and government entities. No matter the size or scope of your organization, our team gets it done and helps you achieve your goals swiftly, and cost effectively.

No matter where you are in the journey, when you need to get stuff done, we’re here…

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Whether you already have a program or need to mature one quickly we can help minimize the frustration and ensure that all effort moves effectively in support of your program goals.

Engage us here to identify information security risks or framework adherence.
Engage us here for remediation coordination, consultation, or hands on support.
Engage us here to create industry standard security documentation - policies, processes, plans, and more.
Engage us here to test your ability to respond and recover from security and privacy events.
Engage us here to prepare your organization for an industry standard certification.
Engage us here to keep you ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

“The partnership is true, long-lasting, grounded in great personal relationships between the teams and a shared passion for the work. The Latitude Information Security team exceeds expectations and I have recommended them many times to other organizations.”

Glynn Stanton | Chief Security Officer | Yale New Haven Health System

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Bottom line up front, your need dictates our approach. If you need a specific security service like a Penetration Test, we get in, provide value, and leave you to it. When you need to undergo an audit, we assume a different stance and seek to thoroughly evaluate and discretely identify program gaps against a specific standard or regulation. And when you just need people to help make a difference, we provide them at affordable rates. Long gone are the days of a “virtual” CISO. We’re a team of people with diverse backgrounds and expertise that can be drawn on based on your evolving needs. We have the resources. You have the need. If you’re open to learning more about the team, reach out and let us know if you think there’s an opportunity to help you out.

Compliance Support

Are you preparing for an audit or certification? Our experienced team of former auditors can provide end-to-end audit support from readiness assessments to remediation and in-audit assistance. With a proven track record, we can help your organization achieve certification no matter where you are in the process. Need a few hours from us to objectively provide an opinion on your approach? We don’t charge for that. Give us the opportunity to chat and we’ll gladly demonstrate our ability to make an immediate impact.

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Cybersecurity Services

Every security program has the same core elements. We provide services that address each core component, delivered in a transactional nature to organizations of any background, size, or industry. When you engage us to perform a risk assessment, train your executive team, conduct third-party evaluations, etc., we ensure you’re paying a fair price for a meaningful work product delivered by professionals with a working security knowledge. Expect actionable guidance and lasting program elements.

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We know it’s tough to attract and retain talent. If you need temporary, ad hoc, or full time support we have experienced professionals who can help. We’ve created a team with diverse experiences and aligned interests. When you engage us to augment your team, expect people that embrace challenges, know what they’re doing, and thrive on successful outcomes.

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Some things never change. Risk assessments were a good idea yesterday and they’ll be a good idea tomorrow. But as the threat landscape changes and our client’s have new needs, we develop solutions. Below are some of our most requested service offerings.

Third Party Risk Management
Third Party Risk Management
Assess and mitigate risks from third-party vendors or service providers.
Technical Testing
Technical Testing
Find and address vulnerabilities before they're exploited.
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment
Comprehensively assess the program and controls in place to protect sensitive information with resulting documentation of identified vulnerabilities and remediation actions.
Social Engineering
Social Engineering
Test and educate the greatest threat to cybersecurity - your people.
Incident Response
Incident Response
Consistent, swift response and resolution to indications of threats to the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of sensitive information, or the operation of critical systems.
Compliance Support
Compliance Support
Engage experts to help align your mature program to the industry standard.
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