“Latitude’s approach to staffing lets us dynamically tap a wide range of knowledgeable and passionate resources. I’ve trusted them over the years with everything from strategic road mapping to hands on technical operation. We value the relationship and would recommend Latitude to any firm looking for a committed cybersecurity partner.”
Mariksa Mundt | Co-founder | GoLive

It's hard to find good people...

At Latitude, we hire only the best and when we do, we invest heavily and continuously into our people. They are our differentiator. The cybersecurity industry is saturated with technology, with platforms, with software. It is painfully short on lasting process and critically low on experienced people.

…that’s probably why you’re here.

Our ability to provide knowledgeable people to your organization’s needs at a competitive rate has been our map to success. You need productive cybersecurity hours. The problem is you need it against a wide-ranging body of knowledge and – reality check – that one person doesn’t exist. That team of people, however, does exist. And it can be accessed in different ways at different times. Latitude is your flexible staffing partner.

Staffing Services

When faced with a seemingly endless stream of cyber threats, personnel issues, and fiscal concerns, we can make things easier. We offer professional cybersecurity staff augmentation services that are adapted to meet your specific requirements.



When you want to outsource specific tasks.


When you want to outsource a specific resource.



When you need to outsource your security program.



When you want to outsource elements or specific function of your information security program.

Charting Your Course

Your company has a lot it wants to accomplish, but its goals could be derailed by budget constraints, limited staff, and the constant threat of cyber attacks. We’re here to help you assemble the right team of specialists at an affordable cost.


We want to do things right, and we start every client relationship by discovering what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. We’ll get to know you, then determine how we can help you overcome your challenges and meet your cybersecurity goals.

The Road Map

The road map breaks down what we need to do and how we’ll do it. It helps us communicate with you to make sure we’re all on the same page. The road map defines the time required and the specific outcomes that we’ll deliver during the project.

Defining Objectives

We believe you should pay for outcomes, not time spent. Industries like healthcare are already moving from “pay for service” to “pay for outcomes.” We believe our services should work the same way. We’ll set objectives that define success.

Get to Work

After laying out a plan of action, it’s time for us to get to work. With over 35 years of experience in the consulting world, we’ll implement the cybersecurity staffing that best fits your operation, providing value and quantifiable results.

Quarterly Briefings

Every fiscal quarter, we’ll gather to reflect on where we’ve been and identify the value you’ve received from us in achieving your objectives. We will also solicit your feedback. We want to know what’s working and where you’d like to see improvements.


We’re flexible! We’ll fine-tune the project as needed and come to you with any necessary revisions to the road map that we offer. You’re not working in a vacuum, and neither are we. When changes occur, we will be able to pivot to meet them.

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